Alternative Version

The following is another version of an email that you could use (posted by Roop on the TheLangarHall website):

As-Salamu Alaikum Your Eminence. Praise be to God and may he bless the house of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

I will speak from the heart. Sikhs come from the Punjab, a land that was once ruled by the Moghul Emperors.  Sikhs religion and culture therefore has much in common with that of Pakistan and Islam, such as the belief in one God for example.

I find it impossible that all 17 men could have been responsible for the murder, and from the report by Lawyers For Human Rights International it is clear that a grave injustice has been done. Please throw out the current ill-judged sentence and provide the accused with the services of a good Sharia Lawyer so that the case can be tried with the full facts, with fairness and without false evidence obtained under torture.

I hope that the Indian Prime Minister has done his duty and spoken to you. It is also extremely disturbing to learn that these innocent young men have been tortured and are to be hanged, yet you read every day in the press that Emiratis accused of similar crimes have been given very lenient sentences such as 3 months jail – you may recall of a recent case when a driver who killed another person by dangerous driving was given just a 3 month jail sentence. So purely on the basis of a miscarriage of justice, please reconsider the evidence and the sentence.

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